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Intermediate Wilderness Survival ISC01 Two Days

Intermediate Wilderness Survival ISC01 Two Days

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Intermediate Survival ISC01 Pre-requisite Basic Survival Course BSC01 Duration 2 days

  • Advanced fire-starting methods including friction fire and flint and steel including sourcing of materials and proper use. Each student will work with instructors until they are successful.
  • Continuing to build on primitive shelter concepts from Level 1 with the addition of camp craft and building primitive tools from naturally sourced materials.
  • Addition of more advanced knots and their uses.
  • Mental and practical considerations for survival that lasts longer than 72hrs and the criteria for choosing self-rescue.


This course builds on the skills taught in level 1 and includes two days of instruction and one overnight. The students will have the option of sleeping in their primitive shelters for the night or they can pack a tent for the night. While the course is challenging, it is designed to be a fun, safe way of building on previous skills.

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At RISE Survival Training, we believe the single most important skillset you can possess is that which keeps your loved ones safe and secure. Our experienced cadre of first rate instructors are here to facilitate that training. RISE to the challenge!

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