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Audeamus Training

Level 1 Combatives ATC01

Level 1 Combatives ATC01

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Level 1 Combatives ATC01

We live in a violent world but that doesn’t mean you need to be a victim of violence. Like any skill, we must condition our mind and body to work under stress. We need to be aware of our surroundings and, have a plan and training to be confident to deal with violence. APEX Combatives Level 1 will give you that training and awareness to be confident wherever you go. Topics covered include:

  • Legal Frame Work for Self Defense and the Criminal Code of Canada Section 34.
  • De-escalation, managing ego, and conflict avoidance.
  • Development of the human primal neuro-biological startle flinch mechanism.
  • Personal and Situational Awareness.
  • The cycle of F.E.A.R and how it affects performance under stress.
  • Neuro-association and how our beliefs and preconceptions affect our ability to reason under stress.
  • Hicks law and how it applies to your performance under stress.
  • Combative techniques taught to WW2 Canadian Soldiers based on the Sykes Fairburn DEFENDO system.
  • Understanding where violence is most likely to occur, who is most likely to perpetuate it, and most importantly how to avoid it to mitigate your personal risk of violence in the home, office, and day-to-day activities.
  • Developing combat mindset.
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APEX Combatives

APEX Tactical is the brainchild of military veterans. After a lifetime of training in traditional martial arts they discovered holes in this training when faced with real life scenarios. APEX Tactical believes we have a solid foundation that will make you more capable of seeing, avoiding and if necessary dealing with violence.