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Audeamus Training

Edge Weapons Threat Management

Edge Weapons Threat Management

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Edged Weapons Threat Management EWTM01

Built on the Canadian Military Teaching model of Experiential Learning. (ELM) is a form of learning founded on the principle of gaining knowledge from experiences. This learning method includes active participation that allows those involved to absorb the material better.

As a result of this interactive learning style, learners develop into critical thinkers as they adapt to a variety of firsthand situations. Students with basic skills will be asked to defend themselves against training markers with existing training they bring to the class from their own personal experiences.  This provides them a baseline to see how their current skills stack up against a dedicated attacker under pressure. As the student proceeds through each training evolution a principal skillset is taught, then trained, then pressure tested. Training markers change color at each evolution so the student has visual feedback. This training is a no-nonsense approach to edged weapons defense using only a few critical techniques to address knife attack angles. Training is very physically demanding and will require an intermediate level of physical conditioning.

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APEX Combatives

APEX Tactical is the brainchild of military veterans. After a lifetime of training in traditional martial arts they discovered holes in this training when faced with real life scenarios. APEX Tactical believes we have a solid foundation that will make you more capable of seeing, avoiding and if necessary dealing with violence.