Important Knowledge

Land Navigation

Land Navigation is the ability to travel from one place to another using a mechanical or natural reference. This is a core skill that should be understood and practiced by anyone who ventures into the wilderness. Thousands of Canadians each year require rescue after getting lost in the wilderness. A solid understanding of Land Navigation, its tools and proper previous planning would have prevented all but a very few from needing rescue.

Rule Of 3s

The human body requires a narrow band of ideal core temperature to operate efficiently. It requires hydration, and it requires food for calories. These three fundamental needs outweigh any other survival priority. The human body needs to maintain a core temperature of between 35 degrees C and 40 degrees C. This means the average person will need to seek shelter that can maintain that temperature within 3 hours. The average human can live 3 days without proper hydration (climate dependent) and can go 3 weeks without food before starvation occurs.

Fire Building

Our ancestors understood that fire was critical to their survival. It lights the night and keeps the bad spirits away. It makes undrinkable water potable and prevents disease. It warms us though a frigid night and makes our food palatable. Fire building is a critical wilderness skill, and the ability to start fire even in the worst conditions allow us to persevere in nature.

10 C's of Survival

The 10 C's equipment list for emergency survival was first coined by Dave Canterbury from the Nature Reliance School. It is a comprehensive list of 10 items that are not easily found, or fashioned in the wilderness. Every person who ventures into the woods should at minimum carry a pack that includes these items. RISE Survival will teach you how to use those items to affect your survival. Those items are:

Combustion Device


Cutting Tool



Cotton Material

Cargo Tape

Candling Device


Canvas Sewing Needle.