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Audeamus Training

Level 2 Combatives ATC02 One Day

Level 2 Combatives ATC02 One Day

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Level 2 Combatives ATC02 1 Day (Pre-requisite ATC01)

Level 2 Combatives picks up from where Level 1 ended. It incorporates a deeper dive into topics already covered that time did not allow in Level 1. It also adds a deeper understanding of the types of violence faced by civilians and how an understanding of that violence can increase your survivability. Level 2 targets those individuals that want to continue to build on both their physical and mental skills and those who want introductory training in defense against edged and blunt weapons.

Topics covered include:

  • Review of Legal Framework of Self Defense and its application within the Criminal Code of Canada Section 34
  • How to articulate your actions to legal representation and where applicable law enforcement.
  • How to take good notes for pending legal defense as necessary.
  • Review of De-escalation and the use of non-violent posture
  • Scenario-based situational awareness drills.
  • Roleplay of self-defense vs non-self defense actions with an emphasis on when self-defense ceases and the assault begins.
  • 5 stages of violent crime.
  • Identification and understanding of differences between social violence and predatory violence (a-social violence)
  • Intermediate techniques and tactics for dealing with violent individuals.
  • Managing distance, time, and range
  • Basic ground fighting from a guard position and ways to improve your position.
  • Locks and throws and when they are appropriate.
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APEX Combatives

APEX Tactical is the brainchild of military veterans. After a lifetime of training in traditional martial arts they discovered holes in this training when faced with real life scenarios. APEX Tactical believes we have a solid foundation that will make you more capable of seeing, avoiding and if necessary dealing with violence.